RISC: Current Research

Autonomous Systems


Autonomous missions

The MBZIRC ground robotics challenge required a ground vehicle equipped with a robotic arm to autonomously locate a panel, select a proper size tool among several options mounted on the panel, and use the tool to turn a valve---autonomously. Team KAUST used a variety of methodologies, ranging from in-house hardware designs to algorithm integration to plaform customization, to meet the challenge.

  • S. Güler, M.A. Algarni, M.Z. Shaqura, H. Jaleel, M.A. Mabrok, J. Jiang, Y. Lu, and J.S. Shamma, "Perception, navigation, and manipulation in the team KAUST approach to the MBZIRC ground robotics challenge". video​​

Onboard peer-to-peer localization

Traditional localization systems, whether outdoors or indoors, require some form of fixed infrastructure. We are interested in onboard localization to enable a group of vehicles to have an approximate awareness of the relative locations of each other using only onboard sensing.

  • S. Guler, J. Jiang, A.A. Alghamdi, R.I. Masoud, and J.S. Shamma, "Real time onboard localization scheme for an autonomous two-robot system".


We have developed various custom designs for different manipulation applications. These include a custom wrench gripper for the MBZIRC challenge and a custom magnetic gripper for aerial applications.
  • M. Shaqura​ and J.S. Shamma"A Novel Gripper Design For Multi Hand Tools Grasping Under Tight Clearance Constraints and External Torque Effect", IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA), August 2017. link Finalist: ICMA Best Student Paper​ Award​​​
  • U.A. Fiaz, N. Toumi, and J.S. Shamma, "Passive aerial grasping of ferrous objects", 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control, July 2017. link​